CoffeeB Globe White Kapselmaschine

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CoffeeB Globe White Kapselmaschine

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3.7221 ratings

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«Customers appreciate the CoffeeB machine's eco-friendly concept and compostable coffee "balls," with many praising the good taste of the coffee and the machine's sleek design. However, some users report issues with the machine's reliability and functionality, such as problems with the pump and dispensing mechanism. A few also find the coffee not hot enough or lacking in intensity compared to other systems. Despite these mixed experiences, the environmental benefits and innovative features are well-regarded.»

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221 ratings

2 weeks ago

Unfortunately, the machine is not fully developed. We switched to this system at the end of May 2023 and are now on our third machine. The first one lasted until April 2024, but the second one stopped working at the end of June 2024. It was probably a problem with the water pump or the ball piercing, but no more coffee comes out - with normal consumption. We'll probably be using the third machine for a few more weeks until it gives up the ghost too. The coffee is good and the idea with the balls is good too, but the quality of the machine/lifespan needs to be improved. I can't drink that many balls until it's sustainable again ;)

7 months ago


I have owned a Coffe B coffee machine for 1/2 year. However, the coffee is always disproportionately cold. However, I don't rinse the pipes with hot water due to time constraints, and I know that dispensing coffee without a ball would heat up the pipes. However, I don't want to do this due to time constraints. Can't the machine be set to a higher operating temperature? Unfortunately, I am not currently using the environmentally friendly product for this reason, cold coffee.

3 weeks ago

We are really happy with this machine overall. The coffee is very good - aromatic and not at all bitter, which suits our taste perfectly. We never wanted a capsule machine, but the compostable balls are "reusable". The machine itself is compact and nice to look at, but the ball dispenser doesn't work and the lever doesn't go back by itself. However, these two small defects do not detract from the good coffee. We removed the dispenser and got into the habit of putting the lever back. We can recommend this environmentally friendly machine!

4 weeks ago


As a fan of aromatic coffees and an occasional drinker, I hesitated for a long time. I'm really pleased with the quality of the coffee. In addition to the eco-friendly system, the roasting is much better for my taste than the big brand competitors. Also perfect with milk preparations. However, the air injected deserves to last a little longer. Not a problem if consumed without too much delay.

1 month ago

I'm glad I finally have compostable capsules and most of them taste great! But I just deplore the fact that the machine's pressure isn't slightly higher so that it has more foam!

1 month ago

Conclusion after reading these reviews: I'm not going to buy a machine like this, even though I was planning to. But now that I'm reading all this...nope. And my sister also has her problems with such a machine... Something seems to have come onto the market that is not fully developed. So you can test machines directly on the customer, who pays for them. That seems pretty shabby to me. Unfortunately, I have to give it one star because otherwise the rating can't be sent.

2 months ago

Unfortunately, this machine only produces inferior coffee compared to Nespresso. Ecology and price or not, I'm going back to Nespresso.

3 months ago

Unfortunately I have only had the machine for three weeks and I already have to return it because the pump for the water is no longer working. very disappointing

6 months ago


fulfills its purpose, easy to use, but it takes a little while until the coffee finally comes; a little water always runs out first

4 months ago

Simple, effective and beautiful