Product testers wanted

Have new products sent to your home free of charge. Test and rate them.

Product image showing an Easter brunch

Can we join you on your Easter shopping trip?

This time we are not looking for testers, but for customers who are planning to do their Easter shopping at Migros during the week of March 18 to 28. A Migros product manager will accompany you on your shopping trip and ask you one or two questions. We are interested in how you go through the shelves, how you select products, what you enjoy and what annoys you. If you would like one of us to accompany you on your shopping trip, then answer the question below with “Yes” and click on “Take part.” The shoppers will be selected at random. As a thank-you for those who are chosen, there will be a 20 franc Migros voucher and a small Easter surprise.

Product image of two Zoé brand face creams

Try one of two products from the new Zoé Supreme skincare line for free now

Zoé Supreme – anti-ageing at its finest. Enriched with the plant-based active ingredient bakuchiol and seven kinds of hyaluronic acid, these products are ideal for moisturising and firming your skin. Perfect for combating signs of ageing and helping to reduce wrinkles! Would you like to test one of these two new products free of charge? We are looking for 100 people to do just that and then review the products on Migipedia.

Product image with salad plate, decorated with edible flowers

Test Sélection mixed blossoms for free

Is it the ingredients, the preparation or the way a dish is presented on the plate that makes it special? In this product test, I'd like to introduce you to Sélection mixed blossoms. We're looking for 50 people who would like to embellish their dishes with the mixture of Sélection edible blossoms and then let us know how they tasted by reviewing them on

Product image with two different Farmer Power bars

The new power bars from Farmer

Get the new power bar flavour from Farmer for free: register now, and with a little luck, you’ll be one of 100 people who’ll test the new Farmer plus cranberry or blueberry protein bar free of charge. We look forward to your registration as well as your review on

Product image with cookies and cashew nuts

Test Petit Bonheur Cashew Cookies

A little over a year ago, on November 24, 2022, to be precise, we tried various desserts and cookie varieties together with 30 testers and voted on which product idea should be pursued further. You can now find Petit Bonheur Cashew Cookies on the Migros shelves. The special thing about the new cookies is that they are made from 100% natural ingredients! The Petit Bonheur Cashew Cookies won over our 30 testers – but what do you think? We are looking for 100 people who would like to test the new cookies and then rate them on Migipedia.

Product image of different chocolate Easter bunnies

Fancy a free sample of the new Fannie chocolate Easter bunnies?

The samples of our latest Fannie Easter rabbit creation are ready for tasting. Register now, and with a little luck, you'll be one of the 100 testers who will get to try a free sample of our Fannie chocolate Easter bunnies, either with Stracciatella or with Biscuit & Rice Crisp. Look forward to a whole new taste experience. We can't wait to read your test report on We hope you enjoy the samples and have a happy Easter!