Community rules

Rules apply in the Migros community. Find out what they are.

Your Migipedia team

Notification of violations

If you feel that content violates these rules (e.g. third-party advertising, spam, etc.), you can report the post (using the “Report” function, via comment, or by e-mail).

The community rules

The operator of is the Federation of Migros Cooperatives, Limmatstrasse 152, CH-8031 Zurich (hereinafter referred to as “we” or “us”). When you communicate on Migipedia, you accept the following rules:

No illegal or offensive content

We do not tolerate any posts that violate the applicable legal provisions or social norms (in particular no offensive, hurtful, sexist or racist content).

No insults and provocations

Discrimination, personal attacks, lack of decency/respect and provocations, whether in general, toward other users or the moderators, are not permitted.

No proselytizing or politicizing in product reviews

Positive and negative product reviews based solely on personal worldviews/values will not be tolerated. The product reviews are intended to provide guidance for other customers when shopping. Thanks to transparent content and origin information, everyone can check for themselves whether a product meets their personal values.

No copy-paste messages

Messages posted via copy-paste in multiple places simultaneously (such as the forum, product questions and product reviews) will not be tolerated.

Relevance to Migros

Content that is not relevant to Migros and its products and does not arise from the dialog on the platform is not welcome.

Respect personal rights

Photos, illustrations, etc. may only be uploaded if the consent of the person(s) depicted on them has been obtained.

Respect copyright

Content may only be uploaded if the user has all the necessary rights (especially copyright) for the intended use. This means you may not use images copied from the Internet.

No third-party advertising

Third-party advertising will not be tolerated.

No spam/phishing

Spam or phishing (e.g. links to malware etc.) will not be tolerated.

One account per person

We only tolerate multiple accounts in exceptional cases as long as their nature has been communicated transparently and proactively, such as when a user wishes to comment in multiple languages. We require notification to in such cases.

Constructive dialog style

We expect a critical and constructive culture of communication on Migipedia. We do not accept destructive or aggressive behavior.

Rate only what you have tried

We expect you to try products before rating them. Reviews of products that you have obviously not tried will be deleted.


We may contact you via e-mail or direct message to improve our products and the Migros shopping experience.

Don't publish any personal data

Personal data, such as names, phone numbers, addresses, or e-mail addresses, etc., may not be published in public posts on Migipedia.

Deletion in case of violation

If these rules are violated, we are entitled to delete the content without giving reasons and to block users at our own discretion.

You remain the owner of your ideas and content but permit us and all our companies and contractual partners to use the content communicated by you (e.g. ideas, product names, images, videos, drawings, texts) including nicknames free of charge and without any time or geographical restrictions, in compliance with personal rights. We may use, edit, register as a property right, reproduce, make perceptible and/or exploit this content in particular for advertising purposes.

It is possible that we may provide rewards for content in certain cases (e.g. a credit or other benefits). Such a reward is only granted if we explicitly communicate this. Otherwise, you are not entitled to any compensation for our use of your content within the scope of the permission granted above.

For competitions in the Migros Community, the terms of participation apply on social media and other platforms.

Personal data is processed in accordance with the Privacy Notice of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives.