Zitrone Amalfi

  • Brand: Migros Fresca
1.20 CHF|1 Stück

Zitrone Amalfi

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4.318 ratings

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«Customers praise the taste of the Amalfi lemons, often using them to make Limoncello or grate the rind for cakes. Some find the lemons a bit pricey but still recommend them for their quality and size. A few customers have noted inconsistent quality and hardness.»

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18 ratings

The famous Amalfi lemons are very good !!!!!

The taste is wonderful, I made limoncello with the Amalfi lemons, great. The peel is very easy to grate. You have to try it to taste the difference.

Very fine, rather mild lemon with a delicate fragrance. The peel is somewhat thicker than that of other lemons and is therefore much easier to grate for cakes, etc. It is also slightly larger. All in all, I can only recommend them, even if Amalfi lemons are a little more expensive.

Good. Unfortunately a bit expensive.

Good, expensive, doesn't really stand out from other good lemons.

the real taste of lemon

7 days ago

Amalfi lemons are the BEST

7 days ago

excellent, the thinly rapped bark on a salad is delicious!

2 months ago

Dreamlike reminds me of urlsub in italy🍋🇮🇹

4 months ago

Very good