Vollkorn Buurebrötli IP-SUISSE

1.40 CHF|100g

Vollkorn Buurebrötli IP-SUISSE

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3 ratings

1 week ago

We were happy about that

4 weeks ago


The bread roll deserves a full 7 stars, because it's wholemeal and sourdough and has a wonderful taste😋 Unfortunately, the 400g version (IP Rustikales Buurebrot) of this bread was sunk without a trace after just a few weeks 🥺🙄🤷‍♂️ It had become my favorite bread that Migros has ever made. Unfortunately, it was never available at MMM Shoppyland or MMM Ladendorf. Unfortunately, the in-house bakery there doesn't make such healthy breads 🤷‍♂️ At least the 100g roll is now available 🥰... even if it's only in small branches again... but that makes me happy...

4 weeks ago

My new favorite of the small breads