Tuca Passion Zero

1.40 CHF|500ml

Tuca Passion Zero

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3.595 ratings

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«Most customers found the product to be too sweet and artificial in taste, with some expressing a preference for a more natural passionfruit flavor. However, several reviews also praised the product for being refreshing and fruity. The packaging was generally well-received.»

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95 ratings

2 weeks ago

I've just discovered this drink and it's really good, with the aroma of passion fruit. It's nice to drink good drinks that contain almost no sugar.

2 months ago

Not my favorite drink...expected more

3 months ago


3 months ago

The smell and the aftertaste in my mouth remind me of cardboard. If you stick with this one-off purchase, you'd be better off with the sugary version.

4 months ago

I am delighted with the Zero variant, which tastes exactly the same as the original but is healthier.

5 months ago


5 months ago

Could have a little more flavor

5 months ago

Chunnt nit ans Passaia ane

5 months ago

Not my taste

5 months ago