• Brand: Total
2.95 CHF|250ml


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4.447 ratings

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«Customers praised the product for its efficiency, convenience, and pleasant scent. They found it particularly useful for travel and hand washing. Some customers expressed dissatisfaction with changes to the product's formula and packaging.»

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47 ratings

2 weeks ago

fulfills the purpose

2 weeks ago

Easy to use and smells good

2 weeks ago

A little too big. Too much perfume.

3 weeks ago

Top price-performance ratio

4 weeks ago


1 month ago

You find it very convenient when traveling but also at home, it can remove even quite stubborn stains

1 month ago

Very practical and efficient

1 month ago

I've been using this soap for 20 years now, and it's a real pleasure.

1 month ago

Thank you for this detergent, very effective, bravo.

2 months ago