CoffeeB x Illy: Test the latest variety of coffee balls now

Attention coffee-lovers! We're delighted to announce our collaboration with Illy, one of the world's most renowned coffee brands. Together, we have created two exclusive Espresso blends that set standards in terms of not only taste, but also sustainability. Do you love your coffee elegant and velvety? Then our Espresso Classico, with its unique 100% Arabica blend from Illy, is perfect for you. Do you prefer a full-bodied and intense taste experience? Then try Espresso Intenso, which has been masterfully crafted from nine exquisite varieties of Arabica beans. Do you love coffee and already own a CoffeeB coffee machine? We're looking for 100 people who would like to test and then review our new Espresso Classico and Espresso Intenso.

1994 applications have been submitted

Unfortunately, the application deadline has passed. Why not have a look at our other product tests?

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