robusta ELANSPRING S medium Matratze

  • Brand: robusta
  • Label: Made in Switzerland
829.– CHF

robusta ELANSPRING S medium Matratze

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5.04 ratings

4 ratings

12 months ago

Great product. Medium-hard fits perfectly and mattress is very comfortable. Top delivery

last year

We bought the mattress for our son. He finds it very comfortable and sleeps wonderfully on it.

last year

I bought this mattress locally in mid-2017 and don't regret it one night. Perfect sleep quality and workmanship at a good price.

5 years ago

Woow since I got the mattress, I finally wake up pain free... Too bad I didn't find it earlier, but I know I will NEVER give it up. Supports my pelvis exactly how it needs to be, I am a stomach sleeper.