robusta ELANSPRING medium Matratze

  • Brand: robusta
  • Label: Made in Switzerland
1'769.– CHF

robusta ELANSPRING medium Matratze

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4.726 ratings

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«Customers are generally pleased with the product, praising its comfort, quality, and supportive nature. Despite a few complaints about the mattress being too soft and poor customer service, the majority of customers reported improved sleep and relief from back pain. They also appreciated the natural materials used and the efficient delivery service.»

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26 ratings

2 weeks ago

Very comfortable, soft but at the same time well-supporting mattress. Replaced my expensive brand-name mattress, which was only two years old, with this one. I am completely satisfied and highly recommend it.

last month

I received a defective product and customer service has not contacted me for weeks. The worst service I have ever had. I can only recommend you NOT to buy from Micasa.

2 months ago

Very good mattress :)

2 months ago

Super mattress. No more back pain. The advice at Micasa Grüze was very good.

9 months ago

for years i have been very satisfied with this mattress, which adapts perfectly to the body and provides support where it is needed!

11 months ago


The mattress is super comfortable and makes you feel good. Not too soft and yet wonderfully elastic. It adapts to your movements when you go to bed. :)

11 months ago

Very comfortable mattress, and lighter than a classic foam mattress because of the pocket springs. I've been sleeping very well on it right from the start!

12 months ago

Good quality at a great price.

last year

Comfortable mattress, perfect in terms of hardness. The delivery service is efficient, calling to advise of the delivery date and arranging an alternative date if the scheduled one is not convenient.

last year

Very good mattress. Perfect delivery service.