Provolone Valpadana

3.40 CHF|100g

Provolone Valpadana


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4.625 ratings

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«Customers are highly enthusiastic about the cheese's flavor, often describing it as delicious, very good, or their favorite. Some praise its fine, thinly sliced quality, perfect for dishes like Piadina. A few mention issues with packaging and the slices drying out quickly or being difficult to separate.»

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25 ratings

2 days ago

Was amazingly good

4 weeks ago

very tasty

2 months ago

very good

4 months ago

We love these slices!

5 months ago

The best!!! Unfortunately too expensive 🫰- but mega quality!

6 months ago

I love this Cheese, its my Favorite!!!

6 months ago

Very good.

6 months ago

Very good

6 months ago

Very fine.

7 months ago