Ovo Break

4.95 CHF|4 x 39g

Ovo Break

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4.513 ratings

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«Customers generally enjoy the product, praising its taste and suitability for on-the-go consumption. However, some find it a bit pricey and would prefer smaller portions. A few customers also express difficulty in controlling their consumption due to its deliciousness.»

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13 ratings

1 day ago

Whow. The best Ovo article

7 days ago

I like it, I would prefer a smaller portion

2 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

Kash nöd better but longer

3 weeks ago

Perfect to take with you

4 weeks ago

Good but expensive!

4 weeks ago

Trop bon

4 weeks ago

Both tender and crunchy, a delight.

4 weeks ago


13 years ago

...i really like the schoggi-chips noir! but they are expensive and that's why i rarely buy them. i haven't tried the other varieties because i like black chocolate best. LG :-)