NON Fruity Mate

1.50 CHF|330ml

NON Fruity Mate

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3.960 ratings

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«Customers find the drink to be a refreshing, fruity, and not overly sweet beverage, with a distinct mate flavor noticeable in the aftertaste. Some enjoy the rhubarb flavor, although others note it could be more pronounced. A few reviewers feel the taste is either too artificial or the combination of flavors doesn't quite harmonize.»

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60 ratings

3 weeks ago

Delicious but for me it doesn't have much to do with mate.

Plus points because sugar-free, otherwise the taste is like lemonade

3 weeks ago

Enjoy chilled

1 month ago

My family didn't like the taste.

Ideal thirst quencher, good taste.

2 months ago

I don't understand it, what product developer comes up with the idea of adding a disgusting chemical flavor to a 99% natural product at the end? It tastes terribly artificial, like chewing gum. It has real rhubarb juice in it and they add rhubarb flavoring...I can only shake my head. I love mate and rhubarb, and the Non Panache is also fantastic. What a shame, I was so looking forward to this product...

Tres bien, rafraichissant, legerment fruité, mais pas trop, pas trop sucré - j'ai dirait alternative presque parfait

2 months ago

Difficult to assess

Pleasant fruity, tart taste. Refreshing drink for the summer

For me, the taste of the rhubarb is not emphasized enough. It's also too sweet overall - both in terms of taste and calories.