M-Classic Fusilli

1.70 CHF|500g

M-Classic Fusilli

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4.816 ratings

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«Customers are highly pleased with the pasta, often highlighting its excellent taste and quality. Many appreciate that the sauce adheres well to the pasta and value its local Swiss production and egg-free recipe. A few noted the pasta can be a bit sticky, but overall, the sentiment is overwhelmingly positive.»

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16 ratings

1 day ago


1 week ago

Good pasta

vegetable pasta

2 weeks ago

Can compete well with other brand products

3 weeks ago

Thick pasta very good

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago


1 month ago

Somewhat sticky, not so good in the bite

1 month ago

This pasta has benefited from the revised recipe. I love it - very tasty, made in Switzerland and egg-free. Nutri-Score A. The sauce sticks to it very well as promised. I can heartily recommend this product.

1 month ago

super good