M-Classic Conchigliette

1.95 CHF|500g

M-Classic Conchigliette

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4.547 ratings

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«Customers generally appreciate the taste, consistency, and unique shapes of the pasta, finding it great for salads and sauce-based dishes. Many reviewers mention that the cooking time suggested on the packaging is too long for those who prefer 'al dente' pasta. The new production method, resulting in a rough surface and white powder on the pasta, has received negative feedback for affecting the texture and appearance.»

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47 ratings

are delicious

5 days ago

I like

Good size especially for summer salads, tastes good too!

6 days ago

Very good, perfect fit

Very good pasta, the small size is perfect for summer salads! Maybe the cooking time indicated on the packaging is a bit too much...I prefer it al dente.

The shape changes from the usual pasta, very good in a gratin or simply with a sauce. However, I agree with the other reviews that the cooking time indicated is too long. 8-9 min is enough.

Taste, size, packaging and quality very good.

I liked it, however, it seems to me that 10-12 minutes as written on the packaging is too much ( if you like them al dente) :)

The taste was ok (a little too little salt for my taste). The size is also right for me, but my two male co-eaters like pasta larger. As with the elephant teeth, the cooking time stated on the packaging is too long.

Very good.

They should be cooked less than indicated on the packaging.