M-Budget Milch teilentr. IP-Suisse

  • Brand: M-Budget
2.15 CHF|2l

M-Budget Milch teilentr. IP-Suisse

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4.6323 ratings

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«Customers highly appreciate the product for its great taste, optimal fat content, and excellent value for money. However, some customers find the packaging difficult to open and handle, and suggest improvements in the design of the lid.»

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323 ratings

5 days ago

Good value for money

1 week ago


2 weeks ago

Almost affordable price for old people with no money

2 weeks ago

To my knowledge, Migros is the only store that still sells two liters of milk, which is better for the planet and reduces waste.

3 weeks ago

Price/performance is right

3 weeks ago

It's very good and great for my budget.

3 weeks ago

Small price

3 weeks ago

Cheap and efficient

3 weeks ago


4 weeks ago

Good and I really like the two-liter package