M-Budget Erdbeere / Vanille

  • Brand: M-Budget
3.75 CHF|12 x 47ml

M-Budget Erdbeere / Vanille

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4.663 ratings

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«Customers are overwhelmingly pleased with the strawberry-vanilla ice cream, praising its refreshing taste, perfect sweetness, and good value for money. Many reviews highlight the natural taste of the strawberry and the creamy vanilla core. A few noted the artificial strawberry flavor, but this was not a common concern.»

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63 ratings

Delicious taste, great mix of cream and water ice cream, excellent value for money

1 week ago

very good that's the best :)

Great value for money. Strawberry and vanilla always works. Delicious.

Delicious strawberry-vanilla flavor. Really good for cooling down. The coating is similar to a cool water ice cream.

Super tasty ice cream. Great strawberry-vanilla combination at a very reasonable price.

My children thought it was great. One wanted more vanilla, the other more strawberry. The packaging really appealed to the children. They definitely want to buy it again.

Tasty and refreshing at a good price.

The children found the ice cream very tasty. Not all of them are lovers of water ice cream. But the mixture makes it a very light ice cream. It's not too big, which we think makes it suitable for a small snack just before or after a meal. Good value for money.

Strawberry and vanilla is a great combination that is both fruity and creamy. The strawberry water ice tastes very natural, is not too sweet and offers a refreshing note. The vanilla center is creamy and goes very well with the fruitiness of the strawberry.

The portion size is just right. The packaging is fun and immediately puts you in a good mood. The price is unbeatable. A top product!

3 weeks ago