5.95 CHF|6 x 32g


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3.619 ratings

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«Customers have mixed feelings about the product, with some finding it delicious and refreshing, while others are disappointed with the taste and texture, particularly the rice dough covering. Some feel the vanilla flavor could be stronger. A few customers also compare it favorably to a similar product from Migros.»

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19 ratings

4 days ago


6 days ago


2 weeks ago

Delicious & refreshing

3 weeks ago

Not my taste otherwise everything OK

3 weeks ago

Tastes awful and can only be thrown away. Too bad about the money.

1 month ago


The ones with coconut were even better

1 month ago

Tip top

2 months ago

The really sticky rice mixture around the ice cream is not to my taste at all. The ice cream itself is delicious.

2 years ago

I hadn't had Mochis before. Unfortunately a big disappointment, the rice flour coating around the ice cream is really not a delicacy. The ice cream itself is not really convincing either. The "Belgian chocolate with nuts" is still quite good. The vanilla ice cream (with 0.12% vanilla!!!) is a joke.

2 years ago

Well liked, not bad at all