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3.341 ratings

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«The product has a mix of reviews. Many customers found it too sweet and excessively spicy, with some disliking the smoky flavor. However, others praised the product's taste, packaging, and its suitability for use in burgers, wraps, and raclette. Several customers also liked the crunchy onions.»

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41 ratings

2 days ago

Smoky taste... ... not everyone liked it.

2 weeks ago

Top packaging. The sweet and sour taste is something different.

3 weeks ago

full-bodied, sweetish, special topping

3 weeks ago

Not my taste, but the packaging is great.

4 weeks ago

It goes

4 weeks ago

The sweetness is too much for my taste The practical jar

4 weeks ago


- good resealable packaging - you must/should like the smoked flavor - is a new combination to test - in my opinion very special and I liked this product less

1 month ago

The onions are very fine 👍. The chilies are a little too big. But went well with the raclette.

Attractive packaging, and the taste is great - I loved it.

Very good, although a little strong, but goes very well with a great raclette.