Crème d'Or Honey Almond

  • Brand: Crème d'or
  • Label: Swissness

from 2 pieces


5.05 statt 6.30 CHF|500ml

Crème d'Or Honey Almond

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4.013 ratings

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«Customers generally appreciate the product for its delicious taste, particularly noting the harmonious balance of ingredients and the enhancement of the honey flavor by the saltiness of the caramelized almonds. Some customers, however, feel the product is overpriced and lacks sufficient quantity.»

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13 ratings

2 days ago

I expected better.

2 days ago


3 days ago

I am delighted with this once again very successful new Crème d'Or creation (the last new varieties were too 'creamy' for me). The delicious, delicate honey flavour is intensified by the slight saltiness of the crunchy caramelized almonds. The ratio between the individual ingredients is also harmoniously balanced.

2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

Consists mainly of air !!! High profit for Migros and extremely little ice cream for the customer !!!

3 weeks ago

too neutral almonds not terrible when a simple ice PRALINÊ ?like 50 years ago?

4 weeks ago

Mega taste

4 weeks ago


4 weeks ago

Creme dOr glaces have a very fine taste

4 weeks ago