Aproz Bio Mint-Lime

  • Brand: Aproz
8.95 CHF|6 x 1l

Aproz Bio Mint-Lime

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4.727 ratings

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«The product is highly appreciated for its refreshing taste and fine blend of mint and lime. Many customers enjoy the fact that it is sugar-free and doesn't have an artificial flavor. However, some customers suggested that it should also be available without added gas and in larger packaging.»

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27 ratings

2 months ago

Something different!

3 months ago

Refreshing. Too bad there is no 6-pack for the half-liters

5 months ago

One of my favorite drinks.

6 months ago

A little expensive but very good. But a good price ratio for promotions

6 months ago

I tried it, the taste did not convince me

6 months ago


Aproz Bio mint-lime 1L Aproz Bio Orange 1L Aproz Bio lemon 1L The champions. I used to take Aproz or Aquella bleues (or M-Budget) sparkling drinks with squeezed lemon or Flacon Sicilia (or Migros equivalent without brand) but now I'm a fan of these 3 with made mix and 0 Kcal (1 for Orange) Beware, Fleur de Sureau or other brands have much more (Sureau =19) When will the 1.5 L? (Or other tastes) Congratulations! I'm a fan of Migros, where I buy as a priority (and in particular I am Natural, Candida etc. ranges).

10 months ago

Very refreshing, good taste.

1 year ago

Goût agréable, raffraichissante

1 year ago

Subtle lime flavor, my kids like it

1 year ago

Très bon produit