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Elegance meets functionality in this masterpiece that integrates seamlessly into any kitchen. Choose between stylish red and elegant gray, and transform your morning into a real taste experience. This coffee machine impresses not only with its stylish design, but also whisper-quiet operation. High-quality technology ensures perfect coffee enjoyment at the touch of a button. So whether you prefer a strong Espresso or a smooth Lungo, your CoffeeB coffee machine will always deliver a delicious result. CoffeeB is synonymous with maximum coffee enjoyment and as simple, aromatic and practical as capsule systems - yet without capsules. Our coffee balls are 100% garden compostable. As a result, they produce no aluminum or plastic waste. They retain their aroma thanks to a thin protective layer of natural origin. In short, CoffeeB needs only what you need to make perfect coffee: the best coffee beans, the best roasting and perfect grinding. Premium coffee pressed into a coffee ball. Apply now. With a little luck, you'll receive the limited-edition CoffeeB machine in red or gray for free, along with three packs of CoffeeB coffee! Share your experiences online and help us create the perfect cup of coffee for everyone. Click on the link below and fill out the short application form. With a little luck, you'll be involved!

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