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Test four new ice creams for free

Migros freezer cabinets are full of ice cream again. 🍦🍧🍨 In addition to well-known products, there are also some novelties on our shelves this year. You can test four of them free of charge. A fine honey sauce and slightly salty, caramelized almonds make Crème d'Or honey almond a treat for the palate. Migros Sélection fior di latte ice cream is made from just four select ingredients of the highest quality. MegaStar coconut, with passion-fruit sauce and covered in white chocolate with coconut brittle, is decidely fruity. Another M-Budget classic is also returning to the freezer cabinet: Strawberry mix. This is a vanilla-flavored regular ice cream topped with fruity strawberry sorbet. We're looking for 50 people who would like to try the four new ice creams and then review them on Migipedia.

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