Nakd Protein Cocoa Hazelnut

2.50 CHF|45g

Nakd Protein Cocoa Hazelnut

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4.1159 ratings

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«Customers generally appreciate the taste of the product, noting its nutty flavor and balanced sweetness without added sugar. The consistency is mentioned as somewhat soft and chewy, with a few finding it too pasty or gummy. The snack is considered a good, healthy alternative to sweeter options, particularly praised for not being overly sweet and for its satisfying nature post-exercise.»

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159 ratings

The taste is good, the consistency was a little too sticky for me.

6 days ago

I think the bar tastes very good and the consistency is good. It was never soggy despite being warm and lying around in the sports bag.... Recommended after sports and in between during a hangover :-)

1 week ago

Good source of protein. Low in sugar but still tastes good.

2 weeks ago

Nutritious, not too sweet as no sugar is added

2 weeks ago

Very nutty and good in taste. Not too sweet.

3 weeks ago

The bar is very tasty and nourishing! The slightly sweet taste may surprise palates not used to this type of bar.

3 weeks ago

Tastes quite good as a snack. The taste is similar to other protein bars.

3 weeks ago

Great snack ideal after sports or as a snack, taste calibrated and unsweetened, light is a mix of flavors pleasant to the palate, intense and you want that never ends !!!

3 weeks ago

Very tasty, not too sweet, I like to eat it after sport.

I think it's great that no sugar is added.

3 weeks ago

good taste, not so sweet