Migros Sélection Fior di Latte

7.30 CHF|450ml

Migros Sélection Fior di Latte

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4.336 ratings

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«Customers appreciate the natural and creamy texture of the ice cream, often highlighting its use of only four ingredients. However, some reviewers find the taste either too mild or too sweet. The simple ingredient list is generally well-received, contributing to the overall positive feedback.»

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36 ratings

Very good ice cream

Does not taste too sweet, has only 4 ingredients, the only thing I can criticize is the packaging, which is not ideal for prolonged use (box is too unstable)

6 days ago

No Sélection quality, watery, tasteless, disappointing

Good consistency, too mild a taste for me.

Natural, creamy ice cream. Goes perfectly as a dessert with flambéed fruit 😋😍 also a scoop of it in coffee 😋 with the sweetness just right for various dessert combinations

1 week ago


tested for free

Very fine, light ice cream. Again, the taste is not overpowering, but nice and refreshing.

1A! Super tasty and only 4 ingredients!

A real fior di latte, which consists of just 4 ingredients. Perfect in an espresso or with warm berries.

Ice cream made from just 4 ingredients. Deliciously creamy.

The taste is a little too bland for me personally.