Migros Bio Porridge Schokolade

  • Label: V-Label vegan
5.50 CHF|500g

Migros Bio Porridge Schokolade

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4.33 ratings

3 ratings

2 weeks ago

So good! I eat it cold with soya milk and fresh seasonal fruit and a little crunch on top, I really like the consistency and the little chocolate chips 🍫

9 years ago

Juicy, fluffy wholemeal rye bread with 62% wholemeal rye groats that does not dry out so quickly after opening. Compared to other Alnatura breads, removing the slices is an art because the packaging is too small. The slices are suitable for both sweet and savory toppings. I prefer savory spreads and toppings! :-)

10 years ago

I like to eat pumpernickel for a change, but it's a bit too sour for me. This rye bread here, on the other hand, tastes great, both on its own and with toppings. The packaging is sturdy and provides excellent protection as long as it remains unopened. Afterwards, it is best to put it in a new bag and close it with a clip. If I want to keep the bread for longer, I put it in the fridge, which massively delays the formation of mold.