M-Classic Denti d'elefante

1.95 CHF|500g

M-Classic Denti d'elefante

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4.649 ratings

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«Customers are highly satisfied with the pasta, praising its great taste, quality, and attractive packaging. The pasta is noted for its ability to hold sauce well due to its rough texture. However, some customers mentioned that the pasta can become too soft quickly if not carefully monitored during cooking.»

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49 ratings

have good taste

Elegant, classically beautiful packaging in South Sea style.

Very good pasta, the surface remains a little rough so the sauce mixes better.Great! The package with the light blue is also very nice

2 weeks ago

Very good and recommended for pasta salad in summer. The pasta is not too big, tastes good and is ideal for combining with any ingredients.

Very good taste, size, thickness, packaging and quality. Be careful not to overcook the noodles, but otherwise they have a good bite.

I liked these, they were quick to prepare and tasted great.

3 weeks ago

very good, quickly made

Super pasta when you need it quickly. The size of the individual noodles is also great.

The taste is good, as is the size of the denti. The "walls" are a little too thin for my liking - I like it when I have something to bite into. I like the packaging.

Sauce is supposed to hold better because the pasta is roughened. So I don't notice a huge difference now.

The pasta is fine and a good size. I'll put it back in my shopping basket if the price is right.