Kult Ice Tea Cold Brew Zitrone

3.95 CHF|30ml

Kult Ice Tea Cold Brew Zitrone

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3.696 ratings

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«Customers find the Cold Brew Icetea to be a refreshing and convenient drink, especially for outdoor activities. However, there are mixed reviews on the taste, with some finding it less sweet and less flavorful than the original, and others appreciating the less intense, sugar-free alternative. A few also mentioned it becomes bitter if left to steep for too long.»

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96 ratings

3 hours ago

The taste is somewhat artificial and does not taste like the original ICE TEA.

14 hours ago

takes time to prepare (10 min soaking time); same experience as the finished product; more natural fruit flavor; not oversweetened; more waste; cumbersome packaging

2 days ago


4 days ago

Pleasantly refreshing and less sweet than the original, COLD BREW ICETEA is the perfect drink to take with you on a hike or as a snack at work.

6 days ago

Cannot be compared with the original. With an exposure time of 10 minutes, hardly any taste or tastes almost like nothing. A good idea. Especially for on the go to drink something other than just water.

7 days ago

Good, but not like the original

1 week ago

I like the taste, not as strong and not as sugary as the original, but thanks to the stevia leaves it still tastes sweet. It's a shame that you have to drink the tea within an hour, so it's not so suitable for outings unless you remove the bag in good time.

1 week ago

Top taste

1 week ago

Strong, somewhat artificial smell of lime. Somewhat bland taste, reminiscent of instant powdered iced tea from the past. Tastes better if the bag is left in for 30 minutes instead of just 10. It is also better when iced, but is nowhere near the original.

2 weeks ago

Tastes like black tea and aftertaste of lemon. Not so intense in taste. I thought it was more similar to the Icetea from the tetrapack