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3.133 ratings

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«The product received mixed reviews regarding its smoky flavor, with some customers finding it too strong and others enjoying it. There were several comments about the packaging, with customers suggesting glass as a more practical option. The product was also described as being too spicy by some users.»

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33 ratings

1 week ago

Packaging nice, would be ideal in a jar, the leftovers had to be decanted. Very smoky flavor, you really have to like it and a bit too spicy.

2 weeks ago

Unfortunately not in a jar, leftovers must be decanted, too smoky taste

2 weeks ago

Good for seasoning various dishes. packaging!?! Glass instead of tin!?!

3 weeks ago

Very smoky taste and a little too spicy for me.

3 weeks ago

The taste is good, but I don't think the packaging in a tin is great.

4 weeks ago

The appearance, packaging and quality are appreciable, but the flavour is not very spicy on the pepper side.

1 month ago

I find the taste good. Packaging in a jar would be more practical for me.

I don't find the packaging practical, especially if you don't need it all at once. You have to love the smoky taste! Do not recommend this product for purchase!

Attractive packaging, good taste

Packaging aspect of the product no worries on the other hand it is rather strong I mitigated with tomato sauce 🍅