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3.427 ratings

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«Customers appreciate the product for its good packaging and sharp taste. While some find it too spicy, others enjoy the heat and the smoky flavor it adds to various dishes. However, a few customers felt the spiciness overpowered other flavors and disliked its smoky taste.»

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27 ratings

2 weeks ago

Top packaging. Good sharpness, can be combined in many ways.

4 weeks ago

Too spicy for me, good packaging.

1 month ago

- good resealable packaging - is really spicy and you should like the smoked taste; then it's worth buying!

1 month ago

Good sharpness 👍! Like it the way it is.

Very good and spicy if you like it spicy, I approve!

Quite good even for marinating minced pork and beef in bolo tortilla I even put in bread dough it's delicious 😋

Very good sharpness

very tasty, good spiciness, not boring

I've been looking for something like this for a long time! At last, you no longer have to go to a specialty store in the big city if you want chipotle. The spiciness is just right; hot, but not so hot that it drowns out the rest of the flavours. We used the chipotle sauce for tortilla wraps, but it's also delicious as an addition to pasta sauce or scrambled eggs. I'm sure I'll find many more uses for it! I will definitely buy it again.

- Great spiciness - great in combination with sweet onion slices