Energizer 312 (8 Stk.) Hörgerätebatterie

15.95 CHF|1Stk. = 1.99

Energizer 312 (8 Stk.) Hörgerätebatterie

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4.428 ratings

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«Customers appreciate the product for its quality and longevity, although some find it a bit expensive. A few customers also express dissatisfaction with the packaging and battery life, but overall, they are pleased with the product and delivery speed.»

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28 ratings

2 months ago

gute batterien

3 months ago

they are good so far but very expensive

4 months ago

cool packaging

4 months ago

Good but a little weak over time

4 months ago


4 months ago


4 months ago

for a 96-year-old mother

4 months ago


9 months ago

all clear

11 months ago

should also be in the action!