Aproz Classic

  • Brand: Aproz
6.40 CHF|6 x 1.5l

Aproz Classic

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4.6258 ratings

Summarized ...

«Customers express great satisfaction with the product, praising its taste, quality, and good value for money. Some however suggest it could use more carbonation, and a few raised concerns about the packaging quality and the carbon dioxide content after opening.»

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258 ratings

5 days ago

Good mineral water and good dosage of carbon dioxide

I would prefer the Aproz in glass bottles, because the good taste doesn't last long in an open plastic bottle.

1 week ago

Really tingling!

2 weeks ago

Very good mineral content and a balanced taste. After opening, the carbon dioxide does not evaporate so quickly My favorite mineral water

3 weeks ago

Very good

3 weeks ago

perfect and affordable as always

3 weeks ago

Promotions are always good.

3 weeks ago

Good amount of sparkling water

3 weeks ago

Too little carbon dioxide

3 weeks ago

Good and cheap