Aproz Bio Orange

  • Brand: Aproz
8.95 CHF|6 x 1l

Aproz Bio Orange

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4.537 ratings

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«Customers generally appreciate the product for its refreshing taste, no-calorie content, and suitability for diabetics. However, there are concerns about the price, perceived artificial taste, and the excessive carbonation. Some customers also wish it was available in smaller bottles and more locations.»

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37 ratings

4 weeks ago


3 months ago

no calories

3 months ago

A good alternative to water

4 months ago

Fresh and sparkling

5 months ago

Very good taste. Great appearance. Good packaging

5 months ago

Too little flavor

5 months ago

Until recently it cost CHF 7.20, but the taste has not improved by the price increase!

5 months ago

Taste good, but the price is an absolute outrage! From 6.95 to 8.95 in a single year!!!!!

5 months ago

Good taste without the calories

6 months ago

So even sweet drink lovers are drinking more water again