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Focus Water?

Focus Water?

WhySoSeriousil y a 4 ans
Hallöle zusammen

Ich bin ein riesen Fan des Schweizer Getränks "Focus Water", welches es in diversen feinen Geschmacksrichtungen gibt. Das tolle daran finde ich den niedrigen Zuckergehalt und die damit verbundene fehlende (übertriebene) Süsse.

Im Migrolino und im Migros Take-Away finde ich diese Getränke, jedoch leider nicht im "normalen" Migros... Kommt dies mal noch ins reguläre Sortiment? Fände ich der Hammer! :D

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Dernière activité il y a 4 ans
  • M-Infoline
    M-Infolineil y a 4 ans
    Hallo WhySoSerious,vielen Dank für deinen Vorschlag. Zurzeit ist es nicht geplant, dass wir das Focus Water in unserem Sortiment anbieten. Wir nehmen dies aber gerne bei uns auf und prüfen dies gelegentlich. Liebe Grüsse, Joël
  • anoopsingh
    anoopsinghil y a 4 ans

    Our family also do like this focus water drink but unfortunately this is not possible to find in any Migros store then other then Migros restaurants, since another person got a reply as you might check such demands occasionally, do you think it will possible near time soon in stores.
  • Marina_Migros
    Marina_Migrosil y a 4 ans
    @anoopsinghI will check again for you, if something has changed in the timelines. Liebe Grüsse, Marina
  • Marina_Migros
    Marina_Migrosil y a 4 ans
    Hello@anoopsinghI have news for you. The range in our salesstores is tailored to the needs and demand of our customers. At the moment we have no demand for Focus-Water. But I have an alternative for you: Did you try theAproz O2 products?They are well accepted by other customers, too.

    Have a nice day

  • anoopsingh
    anoopsinghil y a 4 ans
    Hello@Marina_Migros, thanks for your prompt answer and checking this options available.

    ofcourse in market its not only Aproz O2 is available but wide varity of prodcuts with similar taste, benifits or flavour but when customer do think its a product which is good for them then they look for it (you know what I mean).

    But anyway thanks for your suggestion for Aproz but does not solve this request.

    Regards/ Anoop