Brioche Crème de Nougat

2.30 CHF|75g

Brioche Crème de Nougat

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2.37 ratings

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«Customers are generally disappointed with the brioche, citing it as too dry, lacking sufficient chocolate or nougat, and not meeting their taste expectations.»

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7 ratings

1 week ago

Very dry. Relatively little nougat. I won't buy it again.

2 weeks ago

I ate it for breakfast and it tasted good. Not as sweet and sugary as many others

3 weeks ago

The dough is very dry and is not at all like brioche buns.

3 weeks ago

Was disappointing. Too little chocolate for such a large brioche bun.

4 weeks ago

A very bad brioche, you can look for nougat, dark chocolate would be much better.

1 month ago

Hasn't really convinced me to buy again

1 month ago

I didn't really like it